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Who is responsible for the connection of services?

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Moving into a new property is an exciting and busy time in one’s life. Therefore, it is important to note and understand which services and utilities you are responsible for connecting as a Purchaser after settlement.

At settlement, all water, council, land tax and owners corporation rates will be paid and our office will advise the authorities of the change of ownership once settlement has been completed.

Consideration should be given to connection or final readings of telephone, gas and electricity services. Lengthy delays are sometimes experienced in connection with services, especially electricity, and newly constructed houses in new subdivisions. Enquiries should be made well in advance for final readings of gas and electricity to be effected on settlement day and for accounts to be opened in the name of the new purchaser. These matters are your responsibility.

If you are purchasing a newly built house, it is extremely unusual for the builder to become involved in the connection of services. Whilst they will generally arrange for the provision of the service, they are unable to open an account in the name of the purchaser.

Unconnected services may not be available or may incur a fee to connect. You may also need to choose from a range of suppliers for these services. This may be particularly important in rural areas where some services are not available.

If you are unsure what services are available at your property, please contact one of our friendly team members to arrange for your Contract of Sale and Vendor Statement to be reviewed on 03 9450 9400.

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